A common question I been asked and see many others around the Internet asking is how long of a shelf life does Miracle Mineral Solution have.

The answers you get will vary slightly, here is a quote from a user on the CureZone MMS forums…

“Sodium Chlorite in solution is not as stable as table salt so for longer shelf life consider storing the dark bottle in the refrigerator. It should remain active at least one year – or longer.”

Jim Humble in his MMS Book states that MMS has a shelf life up to 4 years if stored properly.

The answer depends on a few factors. But if you follow the tips below you will achieve the longest shelf life possible.

A few useful tips when storing MMS….

If your MMS container is clear enough to see the contents you should wrap it with paper or foil.

If you store your MMS in the fridge make sure it is not against the freezer wall that could freeze the contents.

Always put away your MMS when finished, never leave it out in direct light and securely close the bottle.

Make sure the container is labeled correctly.