If the taste of MMS bothers you to the point that you avoid taking it, there is the option of using MMS as an enema. Yes, that’s right. While it may not sound appealing or very convenient for that matter, this method actually has the ability to be more beneficial. Since it enters into the intestinal tract via enema, it can be absorbed more directly into the blood stream gaining quicker access to blood plasma and red blood cells as opposed to the oral method of having to make it thru the stomach first.

If you decide to try this method, the protocol first instructs to begin with 2-3 water enemas. Simply use 32 oz. distilled water and if desired add 1/2 cup aloe or tablespoon of salt. Do NOT use a coffee enema – the acidic content of a coffee enema will negate the purpose of the MMS enema. With the water enema, hold in at least 10 minutes each time and massage your stomach.

In order to make the MMS enema solution, simply follow the same activation process as the oral method. The procedure can be done up to 2 times per day and MMS drops can be increased by 1 or 2 at a time if desired. As with the water enema, try to keep the MMS enema in place so the colon walls can absorb it (10-20 minutes if possible). This method can be done in addition to using it orally if desired.