Candida, also often referred to as a yeast infection can lead to many health problems. Aside from the discomfort of a yeast infection, candida if not tackled can become systemic and cause chronic illness, thrush and reoccuring ear infections.

Candida is formed in the body due to an overage of bad bacteria.  Candida overgrowth can easily be formed in the body when bad bacteria outweighs the good bacteria. One of the main causes is poor diet.

The American diet contains too many poor food choices including those with high sugar content, too much high fructose corn syrup and enriched flour, just to name a few.  The body is literally starving for proper vitamins and nutrients.  This provides the ideal environment to form candida. When making food choices it is important to read labels becuase sugar is added to an unbelievable number of items on the grocery store shelves.

In addition to poor diet, candida can be caused by poor oral health – another great area for breeding bad bacteria.  High amounts of mercury due to amalgam fillings in the teeth can contribute to this.  The mercury in conjunction with an overload of other heavy metals in the body also contributes to yeast overgrowth.  The heavy metals can poison the body due to environmental exposure, pollution and again poor diet.  The dangerous metal aluminum is found in various foods and food additives.

Treating candida can quickly lead to an ongoing battle if contemporary measures are taken.  Remember, candida can result in yeast infections, ear infections or thrush.  What measures are generally taken – the use of an antibiotic.  Remember antibiotics, while they have the ability to treat symptons, cannot differentiate between good and bad bacteria in the body.  So ultimately, when you kill the good bacteria, you increase the ability for candida to further multiply.

However,  MMS and its ability to rid the body only of bad bacteria can be a very effective method of ridding the body of candida.  In addition to attacking the bad bacteria, it also flushes heavy metals from the body, thus helping get candida growth under control.  Its oxidizing properties kill the bad bacterias in the body in a safe manner.  When trying this method, begin with activating the typical 3 drops and increase as your body allows. Soon, you could be rid of candida.