In recent research on Jim Humble’s MMS, it has portrayed positive results in treating children for autism. According to the research below.

Autism is said to be a result of bacterial overload in the body and oftentimes develops after vaccinations, which can contain heavy metals such as mercury. Mercury, which is used as a “preservative” according to authorities, is very toxic; especially to infants, where their undeveloped brains are extremely susceptible to the toxicity of mercury.

We have reached an all-time high of children being diagnosed with autism whereas one child out of every 150 is affected.  And since MMS acts as a purifier, it helps to remove the mercury and other bad bacteria from the body.

Recently it was posted at, where MMS was administered to several hundred children suffering from autism in Puerto Rico and Venezuela.  Within a week several children experienced improvement and at least five children were no longer showing any signs or diagnosis of autism.  This happened in a very short amount of time between march 2010 thru September 2010 with using Jim Humble’s MMS protocol for the autism spectrum.

In addition to the autism protocol of MMS, the development of MMS enemas has also been implemented in conjunction with administering it orally.  Depending on the autistic individual some families are trying the 72/2 protocol for MMS which is taking the oral dose of MMS every 2 hours around the clock for 72 hours, which has presented remarkable results in addressing autism treatment.
These are very reassuring results for the families who have autistic children; opening doors and offering alternatives in treatment.