With a name like Miracle Mineral Supplement (some times Solution is used in place of the word Supplement) you have to wonder what MMS really is. Well first lets get the whole miracle part out of the way, the creator Jim Humble termed it a miracle in his eyes due to the great success he had with it in Africa.

Anytime the word miracle is used, people are bound to be suspicious. I would have choose a different name regardless of how great MMS is. Not that I don’t think it’s a miracle, but just to get around the mindset it creates.

Now lets get find out what MMS truly is. The scientific formula for for MMS is chlorine dioxide, according to Jim Humble we merely remove the Na which is sodium, and we have chlorine dioxide, ClO2. Another interesting fact is that Stabilized Oxygen sold in health food stores is basically sodium chlorite. He states removing the sodium from it produces chlorine dioxide (MMS). The reason why Stabilized Oxygen is not a good substitute than buying MMS directly is that Stabilized Oxygen is very expensive compared to MMS.

Many water purification plants use sodium chlorite to make chlorine dioxide to purify drinking water and been doing so for generations. What Jim did was to discover a protocol to allow faster production of MMS and offered advice on how to administer it. So it might be termed a miracle, but it has a background very much in science.

In his book he offers instructions on how you can make your own MMS, but the hassle of doing so isn’t worth it to most when you can buy MMS very inexpensively online for around $20 a bottle with hundreds of doses.